Our Services

Capstone Business Advisors provides a number of valuable services to its clients.

Our goal is to help company owners manage and grow their business successfully. Our services include:

Part-time CFO and Interim CFO Services
Improving profit margins and cash flow, financial planning and analysis, working with banks and investors; these services are critically needed for a business to be successful.  Most companies cannot afford to hire a full-time CFO to meet these needs and in fact, at most companies this work does not require a full-time person.  For this reason, many CEOs try to do this work themselves thus taking valuable time away from running the business.  Most CPA firms focus on historic reporting and tax compliance and planning.  While that is an important role, the CPA firms often lack the time, resources or experience to effectively add the value of an experienced CFO.  At Capstone we take a measured approach providing a free business analysis and seeking ways to improve your business and then helping you to implement and manage through to a successful result.

Business Building / Business Planning
Capstone offers a customized approach, working with business owners to evaluate the current state of the business, identify the root cause of business problems and then work with business owners to develop and manage an action plan to set and achieve business goals.
Business Valuation Services
Reasons to do a business valuation may include buy/sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, determining per share value for employee stock incentives, gift tax planning, etc. That said…

Would you like to increase the value of your business? Did you know that doing a business valuation can really help you to manage and grow your business? We provide business valuation services to help management understand the business value drivers from a potential buyer’s perspective. Understanding the value drivers will guide you toward greater business value, a higher selling price or improved investment terms.

Team Building, “Operations”
Employees are your Company’s most important asset yet many businesses do not get the proper return for this cost. Whether you are building a new team or want to improve the team that you have, we help you identify key workflow processes, and help you design your organization for optimum business results.
Team Building, “Finance”
Successful companies know that their financial information supplies some of the most important data critical to managing the business and making key business decisions. This data is often underutilized or missed entirely by the business owner. At Capstone, we excel at helping you design your financial system and then mentor and train your accounting staff to work smarter for your business, supplying you with the information you need to ensure success.
Obtain Financing
Whatever type of financing your company needs, Capstone will work with you, guiding you to the right financing for your situation. Asset based lenders, banks, angel and venture capital investors all require key due diligence materials. We help you to find funding sources and then help you to prepare and present your company to obtain the funding you need.

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