testimonials2Capstone Business Advisors is proud of its success helping clients to achieve their business goals and assist in solving their business problems.

Below are a few nice comments we have received.

Having worked our whole lives for a corporation, becoming an entrepreneur involved a huge learning curve for us.

When we approached Capstone, we were still in the process of understanding the structure of our business and our competitors. We were also looking to raise money for a business opportunity. In spite of where we were in our organization plan, Capstone provided us with the utmost attention since day one and delivered its services in spite of our short deadlines.

Capstone took the time to teach us and worked to empower us as we moved on with our strategy.

Thank you Capstone for your help and support. We will always recommend you as an advisor.
Flavia Naslausky, Campus Owner - Zaniac Greenwich, CT

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to you for your innumerable contributions to both of my businesses (Spire, LLC and Aquatic Safety Concepts, LLC) over the past few years. In my experience, your approach to engagement is indeed unique and benefits all those associated including my executives, staff members and my clients!

In each engagement with you, you have begun by going very deep into all aspects of the business to establish your foundation. It is important to note here that there are many senior business consultants that say they are going to go deep, the difference here is that you actually do it. It is from this base that you launch your mission to bring maximum value to the organization.

Throughout your engagement, you provide valuable advice and relentless hard work that goes beyond establishing sound financial reporting and forecasting processes. Your contributions in the areas of Human Resources, Contract Management and collaboration with both legal and tax professionals are other key areas where I graciously received measurable benefit. You have demonstrated on multiple occasions how your skill in leveraging the existing management talent in the business combined with the implementation of processes and tools yields significant gains in the productivity, growth and profitability of the company.

To sum up, you have consistently enabled my management teams and myself to focus our time and talent on those activities we are good at, leaving other necessary activities in your more than capable hands.

Finally, please allow me to emphasize how grateful I am for your contributions and how fortunate I am to have you as a business associate and trusted friend.Paul E. Taylor, CEO - Spire LLC

As a small business growing into a medium size business, we struggled with implementing the structure and process to support our growth. Capstone was instrumental in helping us identify our long term business goals, and then build a strategy around that. As a business owner, it is often not possible to take a step back from the daily demands of the business to work on strategy. Our weekly interactions with Capstone push us to carve some time out of our schedules to focus on the foundation of our business.

In our first year of working with Capstone we have identified the critical areas of our business where minor improvements in our process will drive significant increases in our profitability, while decreasing our average days to collect payments.

Whether devising long-term business strategy or detailing an employee job description, Capstone is the resource we depend on for collaboration and guidance.

When we have an immediate need that the management team needs to focus on, Capstone is willing to change focus to help us address that concern, then help us return our focus back to our long term initiatives.

Capstone provides the insight and direction of a Board of Directors without the company forfeiting any control over where the company is going.

Capstone participates in meetings at multiple levels of the organization to better understand our product, process and challenges. The additional value provided by better understanding our business is what makes us count on Capstone as a management partner. Thanks for all your help.Mike, Principal, J & G Group, Inc.

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your hard work at Clear Flow, Inc. Your advice and computer model designs were valuable as we worked with our board to evaluate a product acquisition, and also during some of our preferred stock fundraising efforts. Your responsiveness was especially helpful as we approached our meeting deadlines and made last-minute adjustments to forecasts and scenarios.Paul Molloy, CEO Clear Flow, Inc.