Business Building / Planning

Capstone offers a customized approach, working with business owners to evaluate the current state of the business, identify the root cause of business problems and then work with business owners to develop and manage an action plan to set and achieve business goals.

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Team Building, “Operations”


Employees are your Company’s most important asset yet many businesses do not get the proper return for this cost. Whether you are building a new team or want to improve the team that you have, we help you identify key workflow processes, and help you design your organization for optimum business results.

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Team Building, “Finance”


Successful companies know that their financial information supplies some of the most important data critical to managing the business and making key business decisions. This data is often underutilized or missed entirely by the business owner.

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Does a successful business simply emerge and grow on its own? No, it’s built from the ground up!

time_money2_smallEach building block of the business has a purpose and function, all set together to support the corporate mission. And it takes lots of sweat – your sweat. Your first building block is the core product or service you provide.

Other building blocks are critical for success such as marketing, finance, information technology, administration, human resources, etc. Typically, the business owner is focused on the first building block, “the core product or service”. That makes sense because it is where the business owner has the greatest knowledge and experience.

But that is not enough to build a successful business. Like any structure, you need all the building blocks in place to build a solid, lasting company that will endure over time. Capstone Business Advisors LLC is all about helping you get the critical building blocks in place, achieving the success you desire and putting the “Capstone” on the business you are building.