Our goal is to help business owners so they can focus their time and talent on those activities that will make them the most money.

faqThere are many ways we can do that and our approach to working with businesses is somewhat unique. Typically we get asked a lot of questions about what we do, how our process works, and what we need from a prospective client in order to help them.

So below are a number of frequently asked questions we get. If you don’t see your question and answer listed here, please contact us or give us a call at 914.475.2119.

I have been managing my business for quite a few years with decent results but I can’t help thinking that the business could use some improvement. How can Capstone help?
At Capstone, we offer a free consultation and take the time to understand your current business situation, learn what you love best about your business and also discuss some of the challenges you are facing. We listen and learn, ask questions and get you thinking about your business in ways that quite frankly may be new to you. We invest the time to help you set the right goals and then offer up a proposal that fits your Company’s situation and your budget. The choice to move forward is yours and there is never any obligation. Most prospective clients tell us they received great value from the very first meeting.
How does Capstone provide value to its clients?
At Capstone, our value proposition is to help our clients focus their time and their talent on those activities that make them the most money. We implement proven operating and financial techniques to get your business running more efficiently. We help you mine business data from your own operations so that you can manage the business more effectively and we help you set and achieve business goals.
Can Capstone help me get bank financing?
Yes, at Capstone, we know what lenders look for in a potential borrower. We help you figure out what your borrowing requirement is and work with you to obtain the financing you need.
I have a great idea for a new business. Does Capstone provide business-planning services?
Yes, we coach new business owners to write a business plan and provide valuable advice on, i) pricing strategies, ii) building the correct operational and financial framework necessary to grow the business successfully, and iii) to predict cash funding requirements.